9 Masks of Fire Slot Iceland Review



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What Is It?

Microgaming has a stellar reputation when it comes to online slot games. There is a reason that they have been entrusted to produce licensed games based on a range of popular TV and film franchises. Having been in the industry since its inception, Microgaming has consistently produced high-quality original titles alongside the licensed games that it has developed. 9 Masks of Fire is another original slot reel title, featuring 5 reels with 20 paylines.

Audio/Visual Design

One of the hallmarks of Microgaming’s titles has always been an excellent visual and audio design. High fidelity visuals and crisp audio, both of which are designed to fit together thematically, help to set Microgaming’s efforts apart from many of their competitors. In the case of 9 Masks of Fire, the theme is an African one with a range of African-inspired symbols alongside the usual casino slot symbols.

Overall, the game has been designed to feel as close to real slot machine as possible – something that Microgaming has achieved admirably. The soundtrack for this title is rhythmic and inspired by traditional African tribal music. It works well as background noise and the sound effects layered on top are more or less what you would expect from a Microgaming title.

Bonus Features

In terms of bonus features, 9 Masks of Fire keeps it relatively light, just like a real slot machine does. The standout bonus feature when playing 9 Masks of Fire is the mask scatter ability which triggers a payout if you land on it three or more times. There are also the standard free spin bonuses on offer and even the potential to trigger unlimited free spins.

Landing on the mask scatter feature three times or more will also trigger a cash bonus. The more masks you land on, the bigger the cash rewards you will unlock.

Another special symbol in play is the shield scatter. The shield scatter symbol only appears on some of the reels, and you need to land on three of them simultaneously to gain access to free spins. It will also trigger a 1 times stake prize each time. Finally, once you spin your free spin wheel, the result will consist of a number and a multiplier. It’s possible to win up to 30 free spins this way, with each having a multiplier of 2 or 3.